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Small talk can lead to more meaningful conversation which can manifest into a new job, romance, roommate, or best friend.

It’s helpful to remember that most people in the room also have some level of anxiety around dreaded small talk moments. Brené Brown made major waves encouraging us to open up vulnerably to those around us.

I'm the one getting married, I'm engaged, and Bethenny's still trying to get a divorce.""You know, it was in the Daily Mail...she's dating married men, not me," she continued. Frankel echoed the statement days earlier when Lesseps first accused her of dating a married man to E!

While her official divorce from her estranged husband Jason Hoppy is still ongoing, Frankel recently took to Twitter to offer a clear explanation of her relationship status.

"I'm dating a separated married man," she tweeted Tuesday, referring to Shields, who previously married Jill Schwartzberg in 1990 when he was 23 years old.

The tweet was a response to fans who attacked her on social media for questioning Lessep's personal life.

While her beau has kept clear of the cameras, Shields has still become a major point of contention between Frankel and her reality co-star, Luann de Lesseps.Recalibrate these conversations away from “What I do for work is so impressive, hopefully it’ll make you my friend” and towards “Guess what, you can trust me. Feel free to use them or develop your own: I find the longer I live, the easier this becomes.To prove it, let me tell you a little about my flaws first.” Make small talk more memorable by refusing to kick-start conversations with cliché questions. I’ve experienced more things, so it’s more likely that one of those experiences will mirror that of the person I’m talking to.Politely let them know you need to use the restroom, or want to get another drink, or need to feed your meter. You’re free and can now step aside to go talk to someone else whose energy may be more uplifting for you. It’s hard sometimes to get off that couch and out the door.But, armed with the strength to naturally and easily have conversations with strangers, you’ll likely find that making new friends can be one of the best ways to infuse excitement and adventure into your life.

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