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And even if that hadn't been true, Hiei didn't have any use for humans.Yusuke was remarkable, unique, but undeniably human.You just don't like being the one who has to enter someone else's territory."Kurama had to privately acknowledge that Hiei was right--he could call it nostalgia, but today at least, the heart of the matter was that he missed having the advantage of home territory. Apparently satisfied that nothing had been damaged during practice, he sat down on his bed, finally turning his full attention to Kurama."Who says I want anything? ""There's a human custom about regularly visiting one's friends.

He had every intention of waiting for however long it took for Hiei to show up, rather than look for him, just so that he could be in possession of Hiei's space when Hiei arrived.

Seeing himself the way Yusuke saw him--well, Hiei couldn't understand why Not that it had happened all at once.

There were obstacles, not the least that Hiei'd still been struggling deeply with his reactions to Kurama at the time, ready to murder him one moment and completely enthralled by him the next.

Yusuke has no idea when he breaks up with Keiko that neither Hiei nor Kurama has entirely platonic feelings about him, and neither one intends to keep it to themselves any longer.

Nor does either one plan to gracefully bow out in the other's favor.

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