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Mobile dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr consolidate their presence in the country, as they begin to change the way new relationships start in Argentina.

With Argentina’s capital crammed full of cafés, bars and nightclubs, porteños have always had thousands of places to meet new people, whether it be a casual date, a chance encounter or a a long-term romantic interest.

Phone numbers were exchanged and if the first went well, a second date was scheduled. With the rapid adoption of smartphones over the last decade — over 16 million Argentines now own one — former customary social practices have been radically transformed as mobile dating apps arrived on the scene.

Unlike social dating sites such as Eharmony or OKcupid that were created when the Internet was in its infancy in the 1990s, the new dating apps don’t use carefully set up algorithms to fix matches — at least not yet.

For generations in Buenos Aires — a city well-known for its fast-paced social life — most typical encounters went something like this.

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It faces the challenge of two other similar apps, Scruff and Growlr.“Grindr helps people that have difficulties socialising in person, it's kind of like a having pre-drinks with your friends and acquaintances before going to a party,” app user Martin D’Agosto told the Herald.Undeniably, the success of dating apps locally has reshaped romantic relations in the City.When Tinder and other dating apps first came onto the scene, they were initially viewed by many as applications that were soley used for sex.But as the years have passed, their reputations have improved.

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