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What makes it different from other types of seduction techniques is that fractionation works in a more “covert” way – it uses subconscious signals that “hacks” into a woman’s mind and places attraction “triggers” inside her.Imagine meeting a girl that you instantly get attracted to – you know, the one with big, brown eyes, cute face and an hourglass figure.

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That’s why the definitive resource on the technique, the , is limited in circulation.

A few of these “forbidden patterns” such as the are based on fractionation.

Derek Rake himself experimented and created a specialized version known as the Fractionation Formula.

This is astoundingly powerful, and when compared to other seduction methods which would take many months to work, this is a major breakthrough in seduction knowledge.

A few years back, the usage of fractionation was limited and well guarded – simply because it was seen as a technique which could “harm” women (emotionally at least).

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