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He explained that they were commissioned by the emperor, but had to use paper materials for their model constructions.

Each group of two to three students was to be a firm competing with other groups to build a bridge that would meet predetermined specifications and be subjected to heavy weight.

The teacher-coach observes how engaged they are in presenting their projects. Jordan's class showcased its arch bridge to the class, explaining how the design was achieved.

In this simulation, the students discussed what they enjoyed about working in pairs or small groups, and how one student's idea would spawn another student's idea.Students in each group worked on preliminary sketches and graphic organizers until they decided on a final design. Jordan served as coach, moving from group to group to guide the students' work.As he did so, he asked himself the following COACHing questions (reflective of the COACH Model in Chapter 3): Mr.Realizing the depth and breadth of the innovation, Mr.Jordan decided that the students should role-play Roman engineers and design their own Roman arch bridges using paper materials. Jordan set the stage for his students to study the arch bridge.

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