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Allu Arjun, Sheela and Prakash Raj played the lead roles while Poonam Bajwa and Jayasudha made crucial cameo appearances.

Dil Raju produced the film on Sri Venkateswara Creations whilst Mani Sharma scored the film soundtrack and background score. Venkatesh handled the cinematography & editing of the film respectively.

In the meanwhile, Neelakanta finds Subbalakshmi and Errababu but lets them go to find out she's pregnant.

The rest is about how Krishna wins the heart of Neelkanta The film was officially launched on 15 March 2007 at Hyderabad and the principal photography began in June 2007.

Neelakanta, Bullabbai, Chinnabbai and others along with Meenakshi go to Hyderabad along with Krishna and his friends, but Krishna is unaware of the fact that Errababu and Subbalakshmi are actually in Hyderabad.

All of them start searching for the couple and meanwhile Krishna earns the trust of Neelakanta, his henchmen, and Meenakshi by saving her from a bunch of goons who try to molest her, and she slowly starts reciprocating his love, though never confesses it.

While his friends are horrified, Krishna is not influenced by the fact that he is in love with a native of the village and on eloping with her, all of them have to face big trouble from the villagers.

Meanwhile, Meenakshi tries to speak with them with an intention to find out details about Subbalakshmi and neither Krishna nor his friends can see her face because of the pent house's style of construction.

Seeing his son leading a lazy, dull and unexcited life against the way he lived makes Krishna's mother Yashoda (Jayasudha) send him away to bring Meenakshi as his wife.Meanwhile, Krishna's friend Srinu (Chitram Srinu) is caught red handed who, after execution of brutal force by Neelakanta's men, reveals that the couple is in Vishakhapatnam.At Vishakhapatnam, Krishna manages to send the couple Guntur without the knowledge of Neelakanta's henchmen and later at the pent house, he reveals that he is the mastermind behind the act of Subbalakshmi eloping with Errababu which is heard by Meenakshi who hid there and escapes through the back door.Krishna too realizes the pain faced by Neelakanta because of Subbalakshmi's wrongdoings.The next day, Neelakanta and Krishna manage to catch Subbalakshmi and Errababu red handed, and there, Subbalakshmi revolts against her doting father and threatens to file a police case on him. At the railway station, everyone parts ways with Neelakanta apologizing to Krishna and his friends, and invites them to Meenakshi's marriage.

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