Talon zipper dating clothing

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Judson patented his device as a "clasp locker or unlocker" for shoes; this invention resembled the later zipper only superficially.It consisted of a series of hooks and eyes, each pair of which was engaged by the action of a key or slider.And Zephyr's color lives forever, so it can't reveal that metal gleam along a seam. Hannah Troy designed this one, and put special interest on the sleeves." I'm not sure if Talon was the first company to introduce nylon coil zippers to the fashion industry, so I can't say that 1960 was the definitive year when the nylon zipper first appears in clothing.But I can say that Talon advertised it's new zipper in 1960 and that provides a valuable clue when trying to date some vintage garments.After several years of futile design and sales efforts, the Hoboken company gained the services of a Swedish immigrant, Gideon Sundback.

Metal zippers were in common use in garments from the 1940s through the 60s and I've even seen them in a few early 70s dresses.They were heavier and looked similar to the one shown on the left in this photo.Please see my follow-up article on early plastic zippers from the 30's.Nylon wasn't invented until 1935 and it's use for zipper coils did not come until much later.More generically called a "slide fastener," the zipper is used as a closure in garments and a variety of other articles.

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