Swtor an error occurred updating repair

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It gets and error and says " An error occured while Downloading, Please Repair." Repairing does nothing except make it start the download all the 11gigs again. Then pray the install goes correctly, then pray you get on a server, then pray you can play for more than 5 minutes without an error.

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Fired up the patcher to check if there were any additional patches to pre-load before pre-launch.Ok i pre-ordered the game on monday digital download copy.Everything was going fine until i started downloading "Main Assests 1" It goes through all 11gigabytes (which takes a day) and at the very last files it has to download it doesnt.The patcher checked my files and then started to download a file named "Main Asset 1"(~13Gb).After downloading the file a error message popped up, "a " and beside it a repair button.

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