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I almost think I’d be happier just holing up in a hotel room by myself and watching TV.Like most years, I think I will feel a big sense of relief as soon as January 1 arrives.I miss having someone to just call up or meet for a drink when I want to rave about a great day or commiserate over a bad day.Sure, I can post it on Twitter or Facebook, but it’s just not the same.

I assumed on this trip I would be meeting tons of cool people in hostels to hang out with, but as that hasn’t been the case so far, I am really missing having a social life.

I am looking forward to the two weeks I have planned in Belarus starting January 3 – a country that hardly anyone visits ().

And I think it will be nice to develop a routine again when I stop in Kiev for several weeks to take Russian classes.

I have been watching what I spend for over a year and a half now and frankly, it is getting old.

I miss being able to go out to dinner and not think about how much I am spending on my meal or glass of wine.

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