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Sometimes the threats are sexual, sometimes just violent. I know Ryan Singel, my editor at Wired, often deleted them, along with comments about my looks, off the bottom of my articles before I could see them.

High profile women face hatred and threats online that can take your breath away. I’ve been threatened with rape and being beaten to death and fucked to death with inanimate objects and more rape and put into slavery and more beating and then some more rape.

Reuniting your mind and body is like trying to find your way in the dark, and every time someone says “Bitch you’d look better with my cock in your mouth,” you risk getting lost again.There’s another benefit to not fighting back, which is this: if you know you can’t win, either because of physical or situational coercion, you can just leave your body.You just let it happen to the meat and send your mind somewhere a thousand miles away, where none of this is real.Let me say that again: a mind-boggling number of men out there think it’s ok to beat, rape, and kill women.The violence against women is so prevalent that we live in a culture where if a man doesn’t believe it’s ok to rape, beat, and kill women, he can believe he is a good guy.

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