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But Stephanie Rice of Houston-based band Colonial Blue has cleansed herself of those bad spirits and opened the door to a bright future.

The openly gay rocker and Texas native endured the worst after coming out to her small-town Baptist pastor father, but turned to music as a form of solace during her healing journey.

But I wasn’t really changing—the counseling wasn’t working.

I had a basketball scholarship and was the salutatorian of my high school, but after that whole scene played out, he told me I wasn’t “fit” to set an example for anyone, and I [wasn’t allowed] to give my speech or accept my awards at graduation.

, was released in mid-June of this year, and the trio has shared its unique mix of Southern rock, folk, punk, and soul with audiences across Houston at venues such as Pearl Bar, Karbach Brewery, the Nightingale Room, and more.

In early July, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rice about her coming-out experience, making the move to Houston, and her double life as both a rock star and a science fanatic.

When I finally found out what being gay was, I thought, “That’s me!

It was alarming enough that they showed up at the scene after my parents left and asked me what was going on.

So I guess my first real “coming out” was to a police officer of a conservative town.

I thought they were going to tell me it served me right, but instead they told me they would never allow my parents on campus again. So from that point, I was able to use that footage, the testimonies of those police officers, and letters of recommendation from my professors at the community college to prove my financial independence [so I could get financial aid] at the University of Houston.

Until you’re 24—and I was only 19 or 20 at the time—the state doesn’t see you as an independent student, so therefore you have to use your parents’ financial information to receive financial aid. Before she passed away, my grandmother gave me a piano, and I taught myself how to play.

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