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Solution 2 – Change render_settings file If Payday 2 is not launching on your computer, it might be due to game’s resolution.

Since you cannot access the game in order to change its resolution, you’ll have to use a different approach.

But it’s worth giving them a shot since these have worked for players who own the PC version of Fallout 4.

Please be advised that the following methods are to be used at the sole discretion of the platform owner.

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To do that, follow these steps: Solution 3 – Delete If you can’t launch Payday 2 on your computer, you might have to remove file.

This file should be located somewhere in Payday 2 installation directory.

MINIMUM: xlive.dll/ xinput1_3/ Yes, that is a game error, and that is exactly what it is called.

Quite a few people have been complaining about it- apparently, it has to do with system registry errors.

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