Station launcher continually updating

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Beisde the bug fixes, we also added a Clear Glass block and a new model for Tyrannosaurus Rex! Hostile mobs now do damage to players, and more than 0.5 hearts to other mobs And say hello to our new team members: Sim Joo and Gegy1000Have fun! Event Bus.dispatch(Event at Event Bus.dispatch Queued Events(Event at Load Event To Mod Container(Load at net.common.Take a look at our * Add facing bias to security fence base * Add more checks before allowing a microraptor to climb a tree * Add leg articulation for parasaurolophus * Allow dinosaurs to see entities through wire * Improve electric fence avoidance AI * Remove microraptor and velociraptor's ability to climb any block * Remove sleeping behaviour from coelacanth * Remove player target from microraptor * Disable idle flocking for microraptor and coelacanth * Fix smaller dinosaurs spinning on block edges * Fix dinosaurs being unable to find nearby shores when in water * Fix excessive memory usage when loading electric fence models * Fix server crash when spawning Jeep Wrangler * Fix excessive baby dinosaur leg articulation * Fix herding AI not properly activating with low member count * Fix dinosaur active wire escape AI not executing * Fix coelacanth meat lacking poison effect * Fix crash related to baby dinosaurs searching for plants * Fix JEI plugin failing to load * Fix action figure item changing mode when placing * Fix dinosaurs not finding close water where they should * Fix dinosaurs clipping into blocks when growing - added Coelacanth- added Microraptor- added Mussaurus- added 3 trees- added 8 land plants- added 6 aquatic plants and corals- added 2 plantable crops- added skeleton assembly table- added fresh skeletons for all 10 prehistoric creatures- added fossilized skeletons for all 10 prehistoric creatures- added genetistic villager- added goats- added attraction signs (with and without plants) : Tyrannosaurus kingdom, Triceratops territory, botanical garden and safari- added low security electric fences- added naturally generated structures : visitor center, raptor paddock, genetistic villager house- added cultivator- added bug farming crate- added plankton swarm "tile"- added insect and crustacean items : mealworms, cockroaches, crickets, plankton, krill- added fine net item- added random items : plastic lunchbox and- added wooden blocks for the new trees- added In Gen Journal entries (creative only)- added eggs for all egg laying prehistoric species- added skeleton assembly table- edited animation speed on some creatures- remodeled Tyrannosaurus- remodeled cleaning station- implemented breeding for prehistoric creatures- implemented varying size, health and attack damage for every prehistoric creature. Full list on github This keeps crashing for me and I don't have mineshaft so idk what the problem is, I have forge 1.10.2, and library installed but idk.* Fix '/animate' command causing crahes when other mods refer to it* Fix middle clicking murals returning an attraction sign item* Improve server performance majorly, less jittery movement! Many new kinds of material in which it can generate : DAdded Natural spawning for Coelacanth, its now the only dinosaur that you can encounter without having to do anything. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----WARNING: coremods are present: Contact their authors BEFORE contacting forge// Why is it breaking :(Time: 11/10/17 PMDescription: There was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to failnet.common.The mod listed below does not want to run minecraft version 1.10.2Llibrary wants Minecraft 1.12.1The file contains more information Just installed the new 2.1.2 Jurassicraft version with the llibrary mod (recommended 1.7.7 version for Minecraft 1.10.2). Yggdrasil Minecraft Session Game Profile(Yggdrasil Minecraft Session at com.mojang.authlib.yggdrasil.Minecraft starts up with Forge well, but once I try to enter a game, it crashes every time. Yggdrasil Minecraft Session Profile Properties(Yggdrasil Minecraft Session at net.minecraft.client.

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