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Respond to your users feedback via e-mail or comments. Write a professional sales letter instead of a dry app description.If your app requires users to log into an account, use Facebook Login. Make it unique for each app if you have a big portfolio! Make a video for each app and promote it as much as possible. Try to get featured on your store with services such as App Shout! Burst companies like App Brain‘s are a great way to reach the top, if you have the money to invest.Have it run ads for users to switch to your PRO version, and list clearly all the advantages of having the PRO version.If you are going for this, take a look at these monetization schemes: On a side note, you can try to get into more complex and harder-to-get-into monetization plans such as virtual currency: Get Jar Gold. Recommended Reading: 20 Advertising Networks to Monetize Your Mobile App Lastly, if you want to opt for the third method (in-app purchases), don’t launch PRO version also. That will only annoy the user and get your app deleted.Pixel-perfect graphics – Don’t be lazy just because the screen is smaller and you you can get away with mistakes.Big buttons, big fonts, Icon Matter – In comparison to the specific screen size you’re developing for.

Well, there are a few things you should know about before joining the pleiade of app developers struggling to get into the top 5% of app stores. Recommended Reading: Ultimate Resources For Mobile Web Application Design Competition in the app business today is so fierce, you have to develop no less than the possible best and most fluid app ever to stay in the game.

The CPI (Cost Per Install) model seems to work best but if you’re not for the CPI model, take a look at Air Bop.

Take a look at the apps which are at the top of your niche. Offline promotion doesn’t seem to work unless it’s geolocated.

The Apple App Store does have notoriety as a hard nut to crack, especially for new developers – more reluctant to promote the new guy.

If you want to generate a decent amount of downloads in a faster time frame, go for Android.

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