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Now the kids are grown up and I am alone as I feared I would be. For more on the your mental health do a Google search or go to and ask for research on mental health.

Reach out to them and you will find the support you seek.

Last night I swear as I fell asleep I could feel him all around me. Then it was like swords passing through my body that didn't hurt, at different angles, sweeping down and through, down and through. Many of the widows I have talked to plus a few in the book talked about feeling their husband’s presence.

A couple of days ago I felt his presence and saw a movement in the bedroom door way twice. It only lasted a little while and after the first few months it went away, but it gave them some peace when they needed it.

If he doesn't respect your wishes then he probably isn't the guy for you.

More about this from my blog articles: Do I owe it to my children to keep in touch with their grandparents (my in-laws) after the death of my husband?

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