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He was soon recalled to Sri Lanka, where he was later promoted to army chief of staff — the country’s second-highest military post.He retired a few months later and now runs a private security business.An AP investigation last month found that, in the past 12 years, an estimated 2,000 such allegations have been leveled at U. Congolese troops, for example, also have been accused of rape, torture and killings during the longstanding war in their country; as peacekeepers, they have faced allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation. If they themselves are guilty of atrocities, clearly they are not suitable candidates for peacekeeping operations.” Eight years after Sri Lanka’s war ended in 2009, people who have fled the country are increasingly coming forward to give horrific accounts of camps where they say they were gang-raped.One woman said in testimony shared with the AP that she was kidnapped by masked men, taken to what she believes was an army camp, and repeatedly raped.If you want to do the latter, stay local, do local and eat local.When working out the best time to go on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka, youll want to avoid the monsoon in the south, which is May-July.

The Sri Lankan government should protect the rights of transgender people and others who face similar discrimination.The AP found that the soldier, an officer, went on to become a U. Nevertheless, when a teenager said she was raped by a peacekeeper in Haiti, Dias was dispatched to investigate the 2013 case.In an interview in the garden of his mother’s home here, he explained the charges were groundless, even though he never interviewed the woman.Optimists bring more sweet and sensual metaphors into the debate.There is no debating the fact that Sri Lanka is a place where couples can celebrate the spiritual, natural and sensual aspects of their marriage, with tailor made honeymoons to fit all desires, be it climbing the iconic Sigiriya Rock at dawn one day or whale watching the next.

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