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Plug the other end of the USB cable (the larger A connector) into a free USB port on your computer.The remaining port on the controller, marked with the lightning bolt power symbol, can be used to supply extra power to the Mote strips provided by a micro-USB power supply, to take them to full brightness. So, the that specifies whether to enable gamma correction or not.You can safely plug this additional power supply in and out while your Mote strips are connected and running quite safely. We're assuming here that you're using four of the sixteen pixel strips but, if not, you can modify the code accordingly for the number of strips and pixels per strip you have.

Now that we know how to light individual pixels and iterate through all of the pixels, we'll look at how to do some basic animations.

Includes 2 arbor spacers for accomodating different offsets of various diamond cut wheels or to compensate for diamond segment wear.

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