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estimation of the bearing capacity (Bustamante & Gianeselli, 1982), settlement (Tonni & Gottardi, 2011), liquefaction (Zhang et al., 2002)).It is fast, repeatable, and economical, compared to drilling.In its detailed definition of loess, Pécsi (1990, 1995) added that the weight percentage of the silt fraction corresponds to 40-70%.Geologists, geomorphologists and soil scientists usually consider this material as a sedimentary sequence with heterogeneities even at local scale (palaeosols, unconformity surfaces, palaeovalleys...).

Antoine et al., 2013; Guo et al., 2013), pedological (e.g.

The analysis shows penetrometers are able to define some stratigraphic markers within the loess layer.

The most identifiable marker is stratigraphically located around the transition between the Humiferous Complex of Remicourt and the Rocourt Pedocomplex.

Geotechnicians use CPTs to mechanically characterize subsoil layers in order to provide quantitative data on the mechanical behaviour through depth.

But civil engineering applications usually do not focus on a detailed loess stratigraphy study.

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