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The westbound flown mail finally arrived at the post office in Pasco late on the morning of April 9, three days after leaving Elko.

Varney added a Breese-Wilde Model 5 and replaced its original Swallows with C-3 Stearmans and thereafter upgraded as new equipment became available.

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Between 4,000 and 6,000 cheering people sent the pilot off with 207 pounds (94 kg) of mail.

Cuddeback flew a Curtiss powered Laird Swallow biplane with a top speed of 90 miles per hour (140 km/h).

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This particular event caters to heterosexual and bi-sexual-identifying guests aged between 22 and 38. Guests will also have the chance to purchase some raffle tickets, with loads of prizes up for grabs, like a 0 dollar voucher for Pet Resorts Australia and 0 worth of dog food. Pasco at the time was a rail center, more or less midway between Portland, Seattle, and Spokane.Mail trains leaving those cities in the evening arrived in Pasco early the next morning.Subsequent aircraft included the larger M-2 "Bull" Stearman and the Boeing 40 dedicated mail planes, and finally the more modern Boeing 247 twin-engine monoplane.Arriving in 1933, the 247 greatly expanded Varney's ability to carry passengers as well as mail.

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