Smart playlist not updating

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Noticed whenever you hit the "Play" button right next to a playlist, instead of all the tracks in that playlist being added to the list of songs playing next, the first track is added "on repeat" endlessly?

The Fix: Turn repeat option off in “Now Playing” screen.

From issues with playlists, songs disappearing, difficulty playing offline, syncing and more, i Phone i Pad and i Pod users have found Apple’s latest update to be a real challenge to get working properly.

Scouring various Apple discussion boards, we’ve compiled a list of common problems users are having along with the fixes that are reportedly working.

A menu should pop up, at the bottom of which you'll find the "Show Music Available Offline" toggle.

Additionally, if you’re just not sure how to sync playlists at all in the new i OS 8.4 and i Tunes, then here’s how that’s changed.

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Or when you try to sync through i Tunes it won’t work due to “not enough memory”?If you want to create a playlist that contains a particular artist or genre for example, then you can define rules to keep these custom playlists up-to-date.Smart playlists are ideal too if you regularly sync your i Pod, i Phone, or i Pad, and want to keep the songs on them up-to-date.The Fix: Deactivate the "Show Music Available Offline" option and then activate it and all tracks should appear.(This can be found on tapping on the "My Music" Tab, and tapping on the pink words with an arrow under them (artists/albums/songs etc.).

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