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After being invited, Morty joins a server for people who also have unique sexual interests, like himself.---------------This fic is the "spiritual successor" of My Grandson's a Camgirl.You do not NEED to read the other fanfic to read this one; this fic is it's OWN story.Yamaguchi just wanted tips on his serves from Oikawa.aliens exist: IF THIS CHILD PEES ON ME ONE MORE TIMEaliens exist: GODDAMMITaliens exist: [inserting one image file]yahaba-s: senpai I am very concerned, please do not drop the child out the window.owlkaashi: you are a horrible man.chicken meme: lol do it from the top floor in which oikawa hates children, yamaguchi deals with his not-as-secret-as-he-believes crush, yahaba is there to watch everything burn, akaashi Regrets™, kenma is surprisingly very funny and meme-like on the internet, and yachi just wants to buy a few dogs and live in peace with kiyoko-senpai. have a distinct dislike of emailing and typing, hence my use of Skype for chatting, as it enables me to know who I am chatting with and saves typing and holding a bloody phone to an ear. Interested in genuine friendship/relationship only. Message me if you'd like to skype or something to get to know each other~ Anime, Video games, Sport, League of Legends Volleyball, Soccer ...

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Their journey starts with a crash, but along the way, they learn what it really means to fall.

Skype users can make low-cost or free phone calls over the Internet using their computers or smartphones.

Skype bypasses the standard telephone network by channeling voice and video calls over the Web.

Please check out all of Riki's art on her Tumblr (you'll find some of us there too) and you can see the first round of the amazing art for this fic here Please go give Riki some love!!!

Another Prompt in my ask box being fulfilled - Writing prompt idea: Yuri and Otabek Skype all the time.

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