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Also, no local enforcement unit has made any moves for an investigation on the case.

Still, the UFC said that it is open to reassessing the issue once new details start to surface.

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In the filing, the victim claims that Penn sexually assaulted her on Feb. Pedro Carrasco, the former editor of Penn’s website,, and boyfriend of the alleged assault victim shared on Twitter what happened and accused the legendary MMA fighter.

“Tired of seeing this pervert BJ Penn in the news,” Carrasco posted on social media.

“It should be noted that UFC reserves the right to reevaluate the matter should new information be made available.” As a result, the UFC has announced that Penn’s comeback fight against Dennis Siver at UFC 199 in June in California will continue as scheduled.

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While Loos confirmed that the Hilo PD has begun the investigation, he did not name any of the parties involved, except for Penn, 37, who is the subject of the lawsuit.Astroshastra would provide you the authentic and energized kaamdev yantra to solve all your sexual problems and fulfill your desires through this highly energized Kaamdev Yantra.Place it in your home and see the change in your attraction power and sex power.It is highly recommended remedy for any kindly of sexual problem to the person.Male or Female, any one can use it and get benefits of this yantra.

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