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Free download packages contains : - Nano-X (Microwindows) GUI library source code (subset), adapted for TNKernel Nano-X - example source code (includes TNKernel v.2.2) with drivers for Samsung S3C44B0X ARM microprocessor - Projects for Rowley Cross Works Studio(GCC) 1.5, IAR ARM v.4.39, GCC 4.1 ARM ADS 1.2, ARM Real View 2.2, Keil RVC v.3 - Free Scale: * 603e float pont, 700 DMIPS 400 MHz * * , RTEMS (, , B, - , ) : Testing Embedded Software is an invaluable guidebook for test engineers, programmers, project managers and team leaders in the embedded systems industry. .===== *********************************************** USB Complete : Everything You Need to Develop Custom USB Peripherals Jan Axelson | 2005 | PDF | ISBN: 1-931448-02-7 | 5,20 mb | 572 Pages ( , 5.5 ) - *********************************************************************** === Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers Guide, 2nd Edition === *********************************************************************** Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers Guide, 2nd Edition by Dave Thomas PDF | 833 pages | ISBN: 0-9745140-5-5 | 2004 : (4.3 ) : Nano-X GUI lib port provides a "lite" version of Nano-X (Microwindows) GUI library ( that works with TNKernel Real-Time kernel (v.2.2 only). Highlights of the book include: An in-depth treatment of test design techniques that can be directly applied in your projects Detailed descriptions of roles, tasks and responsibilities with organisational structures to help you to establish a professional test organisation Practical advice on testing that works even when time and resources are limited. This book presents a top-down validation methodology that complements the existing bottom-up approaches. Traditional validation techniques employ different reference models depending on the abstraction level and verification task, resulting in potential inconsistencies between multiple reference models. PQFP 160/144 * High Performance V2 Cold Fire core - 166 MHz, 159 DMIPS. code=MCF5249 V2 Cold Fire processor core * 140 , 125 DMIPS * !!! I have a build script that automates the tool building process. : ********************************* === Testing Embedded Software === ********************************* Addison Wesley | ISBN 0321159861 | 2002 Year | PDF | 1.93 MB | 320 Pages : (1.5 ) : 5n7p3r This book will be a particularly useful addition to the library of those involved in the testing of embedded software. GCC - 4.0.2 Newlib - 1.14.0 GDB BDM Interface for MPC860/850/823 with gdb access BDM Interface for Motorola 683xx MCU Usage with GDB Debugger RTEMS for the Cold Fire with Cygwin/Win NT ### Micro Cross. Functional Verification of Programmable Embedded Architectures: A Top-Down Approach is designed for students, researchers, CAD tool developers, designers, and managers interested in the development of tools, techniques and methodologies for system-level design, microprocessor validation, design space exploration and functional verification of embedded systems. This book combines the features of a textbook and a handbook: the reader will find detailed explanations, proofs, and exercises as well as numerous examples and real-world case studies. In several industrial projects the ASM method has proven its superiority compared to the popular UML methodology when designing complex parallel or dynamic systems.

As many of these applications are potentially life-threatening, the need for rigorous software testing has never been more compelling.

These correspond to serial port 1 and 2, telnet to these ports if you want to see output. ***************** *********************** (Free Scale) ? As a result, many existing validation techniques employ a bottom-up approach to design verification, where the functionality of an existing architecture is, in essence, reverse-engineered from its implementation.

A good description can be found in Motorola Apnote AN1230 on how to build your own BDM. ***************** *********************** Coldfire Emulator MCF5206e, MCF5307 will compile on windows using the Cygwin compiler. quick howto to make it run, the emulator starts, it will print two TCP port numbers. A critical challenge in validation of such systems is the lack of a golden reference model.

However, it is highly configurable and can use other GNU based tools to target other platforms. : Username: m5282lite Password: 61459 , GDB DBM LPT DBM Cross GCC on a Win32 platform. : *********************************************** ===== USB Complete. When Ruby first burst onto the scene in the Western world, the Pragmatic Programmers were there with the definitive reference manual, Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide.

This paper describes a Dev-C configuration for the GNUARM tools which target the ARM7 processor core. Now in its Second Edition, author Dave Thomas has expanded the famous Pickaxe book with over 200 pages of new content, covering all the new and improved language features of Ruby 1.8 and standard library modules.

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