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She claims he had his “henchmen” and two sisters harass and threaten her. The lawsuit included statements made by former employee Shawn Darling, who filed his own suit against Shaq around the same time.

Shawn claimed to have over 30 damning emails from Shaq that proved he was hacking into and spoofing the phones and computers of former mistresses.

In 1998, a police report was filed by a Disneyworld employee claiming Shaq grabbed her from behind and wouldn’t let go when she rebuffed his advances.

The District Attorney did not pursue the case because the witness stopped cooperating.

The two were together until 2008, which is the same year Miller took out a restraining order on O’Neal for stalking and threatening her. Shortly after their relationship went awry, Shaq reportedly hired ex-con and known computer geek, Shawn Darling.

In May 2013, Lopez added a request for punitive damages to her claim. It STILL does not end here, CDLers, because it seems now that Vanessa is feeling even more disgruntled.Former NBA player Shaq has been embroiled in more than one lawsuit stemming from relationships he had while married, as well as from former employees who he supposedly paid to hack into emails and cell phone text messages.While a judge called BS on the lawsuit from former mistress Vanessa Lopez, Shaq carries a history of actions that paint him as an entitled child in a man’s body….a very large man’s body.1995 - 1995Shaquille O'Neal created quite a stir when he said in a radio interview that he'd slept with Cindy Crawford.After a media frenzy, Shaq admitted he was joking, and Cindy's camp said: "It's an absolute lie.

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