Sexy picturechat

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Maybe they eliminate the need for a male actor, and through the use of point-of-view camerawork, the model talks directly to you about the product.

Such an intimate experience has the power to make young men feel exhilarated — a golden emotion in the marketing world.

Snapchat doesn’t do enough to warn teenagers and parents about sexual content on its app, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday by celebrity attorney Mark Geragos on behalf of a family.

The suit concerns articles hosted on Snapchat, including “People share their secret rules for sex” and “10 things he thinks when he can’t make you orgasm.” Such material is “adult-rated content that parents would likely prohibit” had they known it’s found without restrictions on Snapchat, according to the lawsuit.

The articles can be forwarded to other users – of whom there are at least 150 million each day, with an estimated 25% under age in the U. Though Snapchat's terms of service warn users not to send sexually explicit messages, the document doesn’t warn that they might encounter offensive content on Discover, where articles and videos are found.

And it doesn’t tell people that there might be ways – such as third-party monitoring software – for minors to avoid the inappropriate material.

We have played up the fun, sexy side of things.” This is likely only the start, and in 2014, we should see Snapchat embraced by brands selling “cool” products aimed at young consumers, such as Axe, Bacardi, and American Apparel.

” For starters, the red-hot social platform is the perfect vehicle for brands that want to get their hands dirty, so to speak.Evans added that Snapchat “gives brands a chance to create urgency or exclusivity around their message.” He believes clothing and retail companies could have the strongest impact by offering up private deals and insider product launches.Snapchat also seems like the perfect platform for “cool” brands to feel like insiders.There’s no hardcore material, but there is some nudity.As Megan Knisely, Karmaloop’s marketing director, recently told Adweek, “You got to be ready for a little bit of boobs and butt …

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