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You might find it hard to believe but there is a book which describes how a deaf women uses her impairment in sexual activity!The book is called ‘Playing with Disabilities‘ It describes how a sub with a hearing impairment had her hearing aid thrown in the bin before being manhandled, fingered and pushed down onto the floor.Like back in the old days before the 2nd world war, Alexander Woollcott wrote ‘Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening.’!By Tuppy Owens Outsiders is a FREE social, peer support and dating club, run by and for socially and physically disabled people.Consider hearing your favourite tracks on a loop system, using i-tunes to scramble the order of his and your own music – sexy in itself! It has a clock on it too so can wake up to thunder, waves or whatever floats your boat.Sound Oasis is available from AOHL Action on Hearing Loss, formerly RNID.She writes about how very much touch can convey emotion and acceptance, and found such experiences ‘poetic’.

This law is there to protect vulnerable people (usually those with severe learning impairment) and is never acted upon with deaf people.

That way you can still see each other’s expressions etc. Get into the habit of discussing sex when you are relaxing together, and by texts etc., swapping desires and fantasies.

You could have fun creating physical signs (like pinching an elbow) you can use in bed that say things like ‘I love you‘, ‘I am about to come! Once you get used to communicating openly about sex, you will be delighted in where life leads you!

Another contributor to the book points out that it’s sometimes useful to look upon your impairment, especially if it includes something limiting, as being another dominant in your life, if you are sub, as it’s part of your sexual dynamic.

Co-editor of this book, Angela Stassinopoulos, recognised that this phenomenon is a great leap and she felt ‘the shock of the new’ when she personally played with some of the disabled individuals herself.

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