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Judge Slattery said Martin's behaviour had brought shame to both himself and his family and had fractured their relationships.

The judge told Martin his offending encouraged others to exploit children even if Martin had not realised his actions were criminal."In your offending there is no child involved other than the imaginary child you created," he said.

The pre-paid, unregistered phones were found by gardaí in the Vartry reservoir at Roundwood in September 2013, around the time Ms O'Hara's remains were discovered. Master: No but you must be punished for trying to kill yourself without me and for being unavailable for so long Slave: Do you go by the gorean way and is it just a fantasy (gorean) I mean Master: It's a real lifestyle that people really live by. Master: We won't get caught Slave: I'm not leavin my apartment.

Ms O'Hara was admitted to St Edmundsbury Mental Health Hospital in Lucan, pictured below, on July 14, 2012 and was discharged on Wednesday, August 22, 2012. Yes you are my slave but I need to be serving me not stuck in hospital. U will have to drag me out Master: You will do what you are f***ing told. Slave: No offence sir, but do we have to do it in rain. Master: Don't worry, it's never as bad as u think it's going to be.

I was goin to go see my niece be4 I went home as there are hols next two weeks! Master: You will have stab wounds, you know the drill.

Master: 5.30 Slave: Yes sir Slave: Do I have to drive sir?

I don't want blood over your clothes Slave: Now I'm terrified!

Master: Trust me it will be exciting Slave: Sure sir Slave: So what time do u want me from tomorrow sir? Slave: Sir how many Master: As many as I like Slave: Yes Sir Master: I want you to park at Shanganagh Cemetery at 5.30, leave your i Phone at home, Just bring slave phone and keys.

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Judge Slattery said the courts had not dealt with such a matter before and it might be worth the Court of Criminal Appeal considering it.Police found more than 3,000 chat logs on his computer from a child sex-slave forum.Judge Paul Slattery said much of what Martin wrote of involved sadism and bestiality. I'll take what you give sir but can have some punishments like that or live on 5 a day an u take my cards. Slave: I'm lost I'm in football field now Master: look for railway footbridge near footpath Slave: Here now, where's park? Please let me try Master: Ok Later on August 21st Slave: Why cant my punishments be like that sir (a reference to living on bread and butter for a week). Master: ok cross railway bridge in to next park near cliffs.

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