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There are those rare occasions where you're actually sober, but most of the time it's probably better that you won't remember it in the morning.

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Here are a dozen secret things in San Diego, only some of which involve thousands of dead bodies.Just when you thought you had seen and done everything San Diego has to offer, some super-useful city guide (us! Most seasoned surfers have been down (and eaten s*&% on) the Ho Chi Minh Trail (stateside version), a slightly death-defying path accessible via a walkway next to a house on La Jolla Farms Rd. If you look down on the sidewalk/road just outside the cemetery gates, you'll be able to see small brass circles marking the grave sites that were found in 1993 via ground-penetrating radar.Not really the same as Seamus from Castlebar who works on a farm, that you meet in Coppers.Not everyone is a Casanova, so more than likely passion is replaced with some horrible groaning noises. The harsh truth is that you will more than likely be drunk when you have sex.

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