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The name on the side of this engine was "Franklin" because the city bought it from the Franklin Fire Company of San Jose, California.

The engine was transferred to the newly formed Ferndale Fire Department when they organized in February 1897.

Domestic violence is an issue that affects everyone, yet talking about it is tough.

#Say Something - aims to end the silence by encouraging all British Columbians to speak up and learn how they can safely help.

The area was populated by the southern Wiyot people, centered along the Eel River where they caught lamprey eels, salmon and sturgeon in iris leaf fish nets, collected shellfish along the river and at its mouth, In August 1852, Allard and the Shaw brothers borrowed a canoe from the Wiyots in the Table Bluff area and rowed it across the Eel and up Francis Creek to arrive with their supplies to the approximate vicinity of Main and Shaw streets.

Personal challenge ideas: Stand up comedy I’ve always been fascinated by stand-up comedians.

There’s so many skills which require years of dedication to perfect, such as timing, delivery, body...

A later influx of Romansh Swiss included the ancestors of College Football Hall of Fame coach Len Casanova.

Chinese laborers built parts of the Wildcat Road between Ferndale and Petrolia, dug out the water reservoirs for the Francis Water Company and worked at two fish canneries on the Eel River, although - as in the rest of California - they were not truly welcome.

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