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And baseball caps.” She particularly enjoyed the energy of Valhalla’s guests, confirming, “The crowd was great!They were absolutely amped and ready to have a good time.Valhalla was extremely fun—such a beautiful hotel on a gorgeous beach.” With “over 20-plus years of life experience growing up in a New Jersey Jewish household,” Poppi Kramer “jumped at the opportunity to do a show for more than 200 lesbians.

Topics include First Aid Basics, Medical Emergencies, Injury Emergencies, Environmental Emergencies, and Optional First Aid Topics: CPR and AED.Dubbed “Valhalla” after the ancient Norse word for heaven, this was a luxury girls’ getaway that lived upåç to its name.Vieques is an unspoiled land of azure waters, white sands and untouched tropical forests.Two of Valhalla’s official touring companies provided off-campus excursions for some of the more daring guests.Vieques Adventures offered tours of 160-acre-long Mosquito Bay, the world’s only non-seasonal bioluminescent bay; while the Esperanza Riding Company took Valhalla girls on romantic horseback rides through the forests of Vieques.

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