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If you are that type of person, I suggest you either put the TV on and immerse yourself in the latest episode of East Enders or you look for a more appropriate website which cater for those who get off on viewing child pornography.Late October 2012 and whilst looking for something newsworthy to post in the news feed, I happened to glance up at the TV – which as usual was muted – only to see Aerosmith’s, Steve Tyler being interviewed by Jonathan Ross.Either they wish to remain oblivious to the full horror of child abuse or they have an ulterior motive for the horrors of child abuse to be kept hidden.Those who have an ulterior motive for keeping the full horrors of child abuse hidden are the problem.

Having now figured out the reason for the bad Mick Jagger ‘lookalike’ appearing on the Jonathan Ross show – although I could be wrong on that score – It then struck me that Ross and his producers must have known that they had a kiddie fiddler on their show. So, of course Ross and Co knew that they had a nonce on the show.of October, with the intention of writing a follow up about paedophile politicians.However, as it turned out, the very next day a couple of other pieces that I’d written were picked up by a couple of the more well known Alternative media site’s which resulted in a deluge of interest in this site.May have) persuaded the parents of 14 yr old Julia Holcomb (Holcolm) to sign over ‘guardianship’ of their daughter to him.Tyler then proceeded to spend the next 3 years doing drugs and generally violating the youngster before the singer dumped her following an un-planned pregnancy and abortion.

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