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“When you go through something difficult, it just makes you all the more strong and it makes you look to each other for comfort,” she says.

Their wedding was televised on the eighth season of ."Everybody has a breaking point and there is only so much you can endure before you get to that place ...where you lose control." Norman Mc Lean said his son, once a percussionist in the University of Tennessee marching band, put his own academic career on hold to support his family while his wife of 11 years pursued a graduate teaching degree from the University of Tennessee.Instead of watching TV and being consumed with video games and stuff like that, we would read books and now all of us kids really have such a love for reading and I think that was very wise of my parents.” Adds Erin: “So, as far as what we’re going to do as what we’re going to do with our little baby, I definitely want to keep a lot of the things that my parents were strong in.I’m sure we’re not going to be identical or have the exact same standards and stuff like that, but I think that my parents did an amazing job and I hope we can be half as good as parents as they were.” Finally, do Erin and Chad plan on having a brood as large as Gil and Kelly Jo’s?

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