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We believe that a healthy student, free of excessive worries and life stressors, is a successful and happy student.To support this belief, TCC has partnered with Business Health Services (BHS) to create a robust Student Assistance Program.Health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes.” World Health Organization, 2017 College Wide Programs Please visit the Events and Activities page for current semester information: tag=2171 For more information please contact: Randii Harrald MS, CHES Health Promotion Coordinator (918) 595-7270 [email protected] Services provides short term counseling and connection to community resources for all currently enrolled TCC students.Circle Cinema, at 10 South Lewis Avenue, occasionally shows French films with subtitles.

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When I visit his Cherry Street store, I discover he has retired!don’t think it would be terribly inaccurate to say that almost every American female at some point in her life becomes a little obsessed with all things French.The source of the fascination probably varies: For some, it’s seeing a movie like The Red Balloon, that haunting movie that captures a little boy and his balloon as they traipse through the streets of Paris.Or perhaps a girl is lucky enough to make a trip to France, becoming captivated with the “City of Lights,” not believing the breathtaking cityscape or the undulating green French countryside.Maybe she cannot believe how lithe, how effortlessly stylish and chic those darn French ladies are – and how DO they tie those scarves like that, anyway?

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