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There are many treatments available for bipolar disorder including medication such as Lithium, which does help about half of the bipolar population, but it has also been proven that peer, " group(s) improved treatment compliance by almost 86% and reduced in-patient hospitalization.(DBSA, 1999)" If you have been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, we welcome you to this bipolar disorders peer support network.The hope of is to limit the harm that bipolar disorder can inflict by offering this peer support network; by connecting people around the world to one another in order to share your fears, medication management and possible side-effects, therapies, joys and sorrows.According to,, in the United States alone, "5.7 million adults have been diagnosed with bipolar disorders, which means that 2.6% of Americans aged 18 or older live with this illness every day".

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We encourage you to share your tales of therapy and form an alliance with others who are fighting the same battle that you are.

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The philosophy of is that along with professional help, a support network greatly increases the chances of individuals suffering from illness to either begin or continue on their way to or through recovery.

We ask you to, along with your medically approved treatment, meet, greet, share and support with others who are dealing with this illness.

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