Sedating your baby for flight

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An example of this is the anesthesia your dentist gives you before filling a cavity in your tooth.

In regional anesthesia, the medicine blocks pain signals in a larger area of the body.

We have a little bit of experience with drugs and pharmaceutical ingredients but you don’t know what the reactions are going to be under that particular circumstance.” She was hoping “she would get some rest and we’d both be rested by the time we got back home because daddy was waiting at the other end and I wanted her to be in a good mood.” Sachs-Barrable gave Gravol in tablet form to her daughter shortly after boarding. The journey with their three toddlers involved an overnight flight to London, a full-day layover in Heathrow and another overnight flight to Cape Town.

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Boschung is against using any medication for the sole purpose of knocking a kid out on a flight, though she told , “I did mention that parents might consider using a decongestant for taking off and landing, in order to help unclog their child’s sinuses, thereby minimizing discomfort from changes in altitude—but first to consult with their family doctor.

With proper planning, you can help ensure a flight is a good experience for you and your child.

Airlines have different policies about age and air travel, so it’s best to check before you make plans. Cabin pressure in an airplane changes often, and a newborn baby’s system may have trouble adjusting.

You will also have to arrange for oxygen in airports during any layovers.

If your child has a serious heart problem, make sure you travel with his most recent electrocardiogram (ECG).

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