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Check calendar for upcoming holidays: The holidays are just around the corner.This causes a decrease in on-site activity, so Tanya is expected to log more hours in an effort to boost revenue.She picks up a few doubles toward the end of the month.Twice the work not only means twice the money, but twice the festive images passed along from regulars.

Emetophilia: Her 2 o’clock client shows up right on time. “Get into your latex underwear and on the bed with your mouth wide open. Much to her dismay, Tanya replies, “No, I’m going to need some more.” Well, at least he's got someone to act this out with.timeslot with a client interested in castration role-play.Pretending to deep-fry a scrotum or slide needles through the shaft of a penis isn’t exactly her favorite afternoon activity, but she finds solace in reminding herself that it’s just like watching a horror movie or reading a book — nothing is actually real.But it’s her word against his, so she manages to escape by the skin of her teeth. She’s particularly hungry now that the day is winding down and her appetite has actually returned, so she orders a burger and fries.Logging just a handful of hours, she’s made over 0 today. By the month’s end, she’ll receive a pretty hefty paycheck to set aside in her savings.

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