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Most believe, however, that the term originated around 1860 in Paris.

The Emperor Napoleon III decided to construct row houses to line the streets.

Some flea markets expand to include fresh produce and plants.

While they are commonplace now, they have a rich history. They have roots in places such as India, Bangladesh, and China.

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Individual booths are rented to vendors that are looking to sell—or perhaps barter—used, new, or homemade items.

The overall aim of segmentation is to identify high yield segments – that is, those segments that are likely to be the most profitable or that have growth potential – so that these can be selected for special attention (i.e. Many different ways to segment a market have been identified.

Business-to-business (B2B) sellers might segment the market into different types of businesses or countries.

There are several theories concerning where the term “flea market” was coined.

Some believe the phrase dates back to the 18th century and the rise of the “Fly Market” in New York.

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