Sat nav updating

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It’s over £500 that is a hell of a lot of money for a sat nav system to use on your motorcycle.

If you’re riding your motorcycle as a delivery person then maybe you can justify the price tag, but we cannot therefore the Tom Tom above is a better buy.

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sat nav updating-86

sat nav updating-14

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This all-new 2016 model has been improved from the ground and as a result every part of the sat nav is better.The interface is very easy to use and comes with a menu system that is so simply to use that you don’t even need to read the instructions to be able to understand how the unit works.The all new updated 2014 maps provides you with turn-by-turn directions, route re-calculations and a huge “points of interest” database that means you are never short of places to go if you want stop for a quick break.Meanwhile people trying to find my address on their Sat Nav will have to use Google Maps on their phones.A poor state of affairs and its the last time I'll buy a Ford.

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