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She has done mission trips and work with a summer camp.Sadie does apparently have a boyfriend; his name is Blake Coward and he is a student at Madison Academy in Madison, Alabama.Instead, she says, she stayed on the tour, without dancing, for another full week, "because Mark said, 'Just stay until Monday [Jan. '" Neither one of them wants to contemplate the coming 10-week separation.

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But we don't know yet because if he's on the show again, they start training on the 16th of February.

"I'm taking peanut butter and Top Ramen [noodles], because I haven't had a lot of Indian food.

I have to make sure I have enough Q-Tips and body wash, because it's not like you can go to the nearest CVS to pick up stuff that you need." Then she watches Ballas again, polishing a routine without her. Says Bryan, "This is so hard." Get all five of our collectible Lost covers, then go behind the scenes on the set for our exclusive preview of the new season.

Fans can follow Sadie on Twitter at the handle @sadierob or on Instagram via @legitsadierob.

In addition to doing the show and her line of prom dresses, Sadie does quite a bit with her Christian church.

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