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It was a spinoff of the Genoa Conference, which included Germany and the Soviet Union.It had broken down when France demanded that the Soviets assume the prewar debt incurred by the Russian Empire and on immediate reparations by the Germans to the USSR.Ratifications were exchanged in Berlin on January 31, 1923.

More Students and researchers with disabilities or chronic illnesses often have many questions regarding how to go about studying abroad or planning a research visit. Use our accomodation database to find information on a large selection of student residences in Germany.After initial Soviet victories, the Poles counterattacked successfully, and a compromise peace was reached in March 1921, leaving Soviet desires for border revision largely unfulfilled.The war also left the Soviets even further isolated from Britain and France.With just a few clicks, you can even submit an application to the Studentenwerk for a room in student residence.The Treaty of Rapallo was an agreement signed on 16 April 1922 between Germany and Russia under which each renounced all territorial and financial claims against the other following the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and World War I.

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