Russell tovey and gok wan dating

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My friend Jerame Davis has announced that the National Stonewall Democrats will be going on hiatus effective immediately due to money concerns, and be vacating their offices by the end of the month.

Davis will continue to work as an unpaid volunteer for the organization with an eye on relaunching in 2014.

This has been the year of equal marriage, but also the year when trans people finally began to glimpse the sort of respect and equality that gay people can, at last, expect. Let us know what you think on Twitter at #Pink List2013, or write to [email protected]

(2012 judge) Paris Lees @Paris Lees readers will never have heard of Paris Lees, but our judges believe that the award-winning journalist, broadcaster and campaigner for transgender rights is leading a slow but determined change in attitudes for the better.

“In my generation the agenda was about legal change,” says Christine Burns.

That leaves room for more new faces, more change and more debate.

She has set her sights on Commonwealth glory next year.5.

(new entry) Ruth Hunt @ruth_hunt The newly appointed deputy CEO of Stonewall has been a leading voice in this year’s campaign to legalise equal marriage.

When I became an adult, I figured it out.” Justin Bieber is set to host and act as the musical guest on . This gay grandson is tired of all the heirlooms getting passed to his female relatives, and wants to know if it’s OK to speak up that he’d like some of the family history as well.

Just because he’s not married with children doesn’t mean he wouldn’t appreciate some nice crystal. The live action movie that Disney was making with Cate Blanchett as the Evil Stepmother has lost the director, because Disney felt the movie was “too dark for this to turn out to be a fairy tale ending.” Fashion presenter Gok Wan (who has been linked to my future ex-husband Russell Tovey) says he’s been asked to do , and would love to when time allows, but he wants to dance with a male partner.

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