Rsync not updating dating events for singles

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However, rsync follows the convention of BSD cp, which gives special treatment to source directories with a trailing slash "/".Although This behavior is different from that of GNU cp, which treats "source" and "source/" identically (but not "source/.").

Rsync uses a "quick check" that (by default) checks if each file’s size and time of last modification match between the sender and receiver.(Discuss in Talk: Rsync#) Whether transferring files locally or remotely, rsync first creates an index of block checksums of each source file.This index is used to find any identical blocks of data which might exist in the destination.SNAP="/snapshots/username" OPTS="-rltgoi --delay-updates --delete --chmod=a-w" MINCHANGES=20 # run this process with real low priority ionice -c 3 -p $$ renice 12 -p $$ # sync rsync $OPTS $SRC $SNAP/latest $SNAP/# check if enough has changed and if so # make a hardlinked copy named as the date COUNT=$( wc -l $SNAP/rsync.log|cut -d" " -f1 ) if [ $COUNT -gt $MINCHANGES ] ; then DATETAG=$(date %Y-%m-%d) if [ !-e $SNAP/$DATETAG ] ; then cp -al $SNAP/latest $SNAP/$DATETAG chmod u w $SNAP/$DATETAG mv $SNAP/$SNAP/$DATETAG chmod u-w $SNAP/$DATETAG fi fi as well, because it allows greater control over file permissions, attributes, Access Control Lists and extended attributes.

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