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When we are first introduced to Mizore we find out she has been obsessing about Tsukune from afar.

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Miyabi sexually assaults Mizore, causing Mizore to think of herself as unfit for Tsukune.In the first semester she confessed her love to her teacher Okuto Kotsubo, who then began to take advantage of her, leading Mizore to freeze him.With the incident rumors spreading about her, but after meeting Tsukune Aono and becoming friends with everyone after a short bout between her and the vampire, Moka Akashiya, she's shown to be a reserved girl with little emotions, which she only expresses when having moments with Tsukune.After being saved she also begins stalking Tsukune on a daily basis.During the summer before the second year, Mizore and Kurumu train with Ginei Morioka, practicing melee combat in an effort for the two to become strong enough to overcome Inner Moka in a fight.

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