Rita ora dating diana ross son

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She was led to a booth where Jay-Z was holding court. I couldn’t speak for a few minutes, which is unusual.’ ‘You have a firm handshake! ‘I like that.’ The hip-hop polymath was clearly impressed. It was just infectious, like “Man, she loves this…” She’s driven in that way.’ Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation signed her up. ‘Find out what you are and what you want to write about.

Antsy and impatient, Rita presumed she’d be on Oprah within days. He’s like the best older brother a girl could ever have.’ And what of Jay-Z and Beyoncé? They made me believe that true love really does exist.’ Instead of rushing things, Roc Nation sent Rita on a gruelling US tour (‘I played a funfair in Flint, Michigan’) and she recorded an album but scrapped the whole thing (‘It wasn’t powerful enough.

She thought it was her grandma calling from Kosovo. They’d heard about her via the internet, had been to her gigs and listened to demos, now they wanted to talk business.

Within days, 17-year-old Rita was flying solo to New York, going straight from the airport to a swanky Manhattan nightclub (‘Run-DMC T-shirt on, hair up in a ponytail — not a great look’). and that presence — you can’t duplicate it, especially at a young age. Find yourself.’ ‘The best thing Jay-Z ever taught me was patience,’ she says now.

These will be Rita’s first live dates since a European arena tour supporting Coldplay last year.‘I was always getting told off by my choir teacher for, you know, riffing when I shouldn’t,’ she says.Following the Eurovision hiccup and a few ill-judged forays into musical theatre, such as a stint in (‘Not who I am at all’), Rita spent her days hanging out in Portobello, working at the shoe store Size? The rules governing modern pop mean that as well as singing and recording, Rita is also obliged to engage in constant tweeting, Instagramming and other social networking activities. I know it’s contradictory to put yourself out there and then not want to deal with the responses, but that’s just how it is.’ So why does she do it? ‘So I am aware that I need to stay current, keep connecting and keep bringing things to the table…The story of how Rita Sahatçiu fled Slobodan Milosevic’s brutal regime in Kosovo and became the gilded Rita Ora, recording with Jay-Z and Tinie Tempah and hanging with Beyoncé and Rihanna, is worth telling.Four years ago Rita was walking down Kensington High Street when her phone blinked ‘incoming international call’.

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