Reasons behind dating dating and male dominance

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Some of us need our friends to reserve a spot in our Google calendars just to have a five-minute chat about when we can hangout next.

If you’re about to have an emotional breakdown because you need to reschedule your itinerary just to make room for a 15-minute coffee date, then don’t do it.

You could just use your dating apps to find a FWB, but you still have to find time to fit them in your schedule. Otherwise, stop dreaming about unicorns and remove every dating app from your phone.

Don’t fret, a vibrator is a busy girl’s best friend. If you know deep down inside that you don’t have time for a fling or a full-blown relationship, then don’t try to fool yourself into thinking that you can make time to go on a few quick dates.

Not to mention, some people actually berate their matches just because they didn’t message them back within the minute–you know exactly what I’m talking about.

They send you some ‘witty’ pickup line, you don’t respond ASAP because you’re being productive, and then they say “that’s okay, you’re fat and ugly anyway.” Gee, I feel so stellar about myself now.

However, if there’s no doubt that you and your SO are dating, you shouldn’t even think about installing a dating app on your phone.

I mean, clearly every college student is looking for “the one” at a.m., right?While one loathsome idiot shouldn’t deter you from using any dating app, it might be time to save yourself from unnecessary abuse if you start to receive multiple derogatory messages.Although dating apps might seem like a stress-free way to get to know some potential new suitors, especially for introverts or anyone with social anxiety, dating apps can make it more difficult to interact with your match once you meet them IRL.However, this just gives you a pseudo boost of confidence, because you're actually basing your self-worth on validation from other people.Kayla Düngee, a junior at Georgia State University, says, “I personally quit dating apps because I used them as a quick fix when I was feeling low (break ups, self-image issues, etc).

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