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Now that I have my husband's support, it's much easier for me to see how exciting and joyous this baby will be for us.

We hope my pregnancy will give the kids somewhere positive to focus their attention, too, and that they don't see their new sibling as an encroachment on their dad’s attention.

Just think of this as one of those "out of classroom" learning experiences admissions officers are always touting. UPDATE RE: Pregnancy After Unimaginable Tragedy: Thank you for your advice last week.

Someone should call child protective services and explain the situation as you know it. Maybe after your office shower, she will come home to find some social workers waiting at her door. Roommate Noises: While, yes, it is nearly the end of the year, it also isn't too late to invest in a white noise machine. (I do have a question whether it's advisable to keep earplugs in every night for hours—but maybe someone can enlighten me.) The roommate sounds experienced at her activity, so I'm assuming these sessions don't last all night but are actually rather brief. He was devastated and demanded I have no contact with the man if I wanted to save our marriage.You are not entitled to go through his memorabilia and edit it to suit your insecurities.You don't say that he disappears for hours and you find him obsessively poring over photos of his exes, so I will assume you are not objecting to some style obsession with his past.My stepson in particular has spiraled into a deep depression. I think my pregnancy hormones, combined with my feelings of inadequacy as a new primary caregiver, caused me to only see the negative side of being pregnant.I couldn't imagine bringing a child into our chaotic, sometimes unhappy new world.

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