Quotes being accommodating

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, investing in yourself and taking advantage of your skills.

Learn more about Neeta, tips on how to continue being the best, and how to achieve fulfillment.

Learn more about Maria, taking charge of your life and pursuing balance.

Learn more about Meg, spending time outside of the office and leading your business. Everything always works out the way it should." Parissa Behnia, Idea Chef at 678 Partners Learn more about Parissa, emotions at work and being a business owner.

"Don't take yourself too seriously, be passionate about what you do and enjoy the process as much as the final product." Karen Norheim, Executive Vice President, American Crane and Equipment Corporation Learn more about Karen, harnessing your passion and enjoying the process.

"Find what you love to do–and I don’t mean the actual job description part- and rock that." Jill Ozovek, Founder, Certified Professional Coach, Jill Ozovek Coaching Learn more about Jill, focusing on what you love to do and staying positive. Spend some time truly discovering what makes you thrive and come alive." Neeta Bhushan, Founder, Independent Awakening Learn more about Neeta, breaking through your roadblocks, and feeling like the best version of yourself.

Learn more about Shari, giving yourself freedom to fail, and the journey of life.

Learn more about Katherine, being mindful at work and asking for help.

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