Puppy love dating game

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I have discovered a flaw in your plans for global domination. Consider making a flash version you can share through Newgrounds, or some other popular indy flash content site to build up interest from users on other platforms. That and I would completely make that sort of face when Theo called me a gryphon. I figured since I switched over to Ubuntu/Linux that a lot of software was going to be denied me without some sort of emulator, but I hope this dating game sim you've built here gets you the attention and notice you're looking for. It's hard not to love those vibrant types of people!

If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again.Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for future updates.Art by Kytana Le, programming by Lindsey Reid, and music by Lucien Ye.It's not like I'm short on ancillary characters to use... His ending was really cute and adorable, my heart totally melted by that point Can't wait to see the updates you make.Will you be adding more content, like possible love options, scenes and even characters? We didn't choose our cast but it seems like we ended up with someone for everyone!

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