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This is Part 1 of my personal style guide for Isabelle/HOL.Part 1 is about content and how to keep proofs maintainable. Part 2 is about good style and advanced rules, and part 3 will be about layout and looks.Likewise, the areas northwest of the Ohio River and southwest of the Sandy are also left blank, while a regional map would have included coverage of Kentucky and Ohio.

And I need to insert this child element in the right place inside of a parent.We believe—though cannot prove—that this map was produced during the crisis of 1861, some time after Virginia’s secession from the Union in May but before western Virginia Unionists ratified the creation of the State of Kanawha in October (The name was soon changed to West Virginia, which was formally admitted to the Union in 1863.) The map approximates only roughly the 39 counties that originally comprised Kanawha: it does not include for example Preston, Randolph and Tucker, which were among the 39, but does include Greenbrier and Monroe, which were not.However, it seems that the boundaries of the would-be state were much in flux for a time, given the vicissitudes of local politics and in particular the varying degrees of secessionist sentiment across the region.This map, we believe, reflects the fluid state of affairs in the Summer and Fall of 1861.Further supporting our view that this is an early map of the proto-state is the fact that there is no sign that the two sheets were intended as part of a larger map: The easternmost sections of both sheets are left entirely blank, whereas continued coverage would be expected if this were part of a larger map of Virginia.

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