Problems updating nokia software

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Some applications and games from third-party developers might need to be installed again after updating the phone firmware.

I suggest you take a look at the extensive FAQ on the Nokia website. Download the Nokia PC Suite and backup all of the files on your phone To do that simply start the Nokia PC Suite application and click on the Backup button. This might take a while if you have lots of personal files like images or music stored on the phone. Download and install the Nokia Software Updater application which is used to update the firmware of the phone.

You are probably wondering why you should update the phone if everything is working as intended.

This is actually a good question and I can't answer it for the phone that you are using.

It’s important that you update the mobile phone’s firmware once in a while.

Firmware is actually the software that keeps things on your Nokia mobile phone running.

Here is the question: i'm using a Nokia N72 & trying to backup its data onto my windows 7 but due to some reason it can backup everything except the messages. I tried to install Nokia Software Upgrader,but its currently not supported in windows 7 so i tried with compatibiity mode (windows xp 3 and vista sp2) but the application says request file not found!!!

The update that I was downloading had a size of nearly 80 Megabytes and upgraded the firmware of my Nokia N73 Music Edition (RM-133) from 3.0638.0.0.30 to 4.0736.3.2.1 which I would consider a huge version leap.

The benefits: I can't really tell what has been changed but the phone does seem a little bit more responsive.

This means it is not really possible to determine the new features and improvements of the new firmware version.

The only information about firmware updates was that they will improve performance and functionality.

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